Watch Elden Ring bosses fight each other for a change

Elden Ring bosses are terrifying. I say this as someone whose gotten chewed out by Tree Sentinel dozens of times, and who had to rune farm a full 10 extra levels to be able to face Margit the Fell Omen.

But how might these enemies stack up against each other? If you’ve been curious about this — or if you’d just like the experience the sweet, sweet justice of seeing them fight each other for a change — you’re in luck.

YouTuber and modder Garden of Eyes made a series of videos showcasing Elden Ring bosses fighting one another, in a series entitled “Boss VS Boss.”

These matchups pit later game bosses against one another, and the results are entertaining and vindicating.

There’s something rewarding about seeing other powerful entities fumbling with some of these boss attacks — and if these are bosses you’ve manage to slain, dear Tarnished, it puts into perspective just how intimidating you must be.

Each of the videos follows a similar cadence, with an introduction card that notes how much HP each boss has.

Then they duke it out in a series of three to four matches — a nice touch that shows off how evenly matched some of these foes are, despite wild HP disparities between some of them.

There’s the highly requested Malenia vs. Maliketh matchup, which puts these two Shardbearers head-to-head.